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Fixed Vehicle Video Computer System

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After consulting with many law enforcement agencies, analyzed our competitor's strengths and weaknesses, forecasted future trends and have developed a system that integrates all of the major requirements a field officer needs to effectively and efficiently perform his duties.  We have focused specifically on Public Safety, positioning our product to be best-in-class with the following partial list of features:

  • Powerful Windows-based PC in air-bag compliant enclosure.
  • Integrated Wireless technology including GPS, WAN, WiLAN, Bluetooth and USB, so no external devices required for any communication requirements
  • Ignition-sensing filtered Intelligent Power Management system with battery charge guard and rechargeable Lithium-ion short run battery backup to satisfy demanding and uncertain vehicle power.
  • Active filtered cooling for extreme operating environments, not available in Notebooks.
  • Optically enhanced, capacitive touch, high-bright, sunlight readable 12" LED display for unsurpassed viewing in all lighting conditions.
  • Fingerprint sensor, lockable removable HDD, internal Flash memory back-up for security management.
  • GPS input feed tags for video capture but are also available for use with dispatch vehicle tracking and management systems.
  • Sub-10 minute replacement for entire system.
  • Second Linux-based computer to manage full-screen, DVD quality, proprietary video/audio capture system, with internal dedicated Gigabit Ethernet connection.
  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture) technology for instant and seamless switching between video and PC, providing protection in the event a sometimes unstable Windows platform crashes.
  • Integration of up to 5 vehicle inputs user configurable status indicators/triggers including vehicle speed, time , location, light bar and siren status, gun lock, radar gun readings, and more, into video capture stream and display using OSD (On-screen Display) technology to be used for chain of command evidence for legal verification and processing.
  • Internal storage of up to one-week video capture for secure video/audio management.
  • Proprietary video system linked with Google maps that traces vehicle rout.  Click a spot on map and video replays from that location... truly unique.  Also includes dropped substance tags for quick logging and easy backtracking for retrieval of footage and location.
  • Multiple camera feeds, 4 wireless microphone synced with video, etc.
  • Wireless transmission of live or captured video on demand during high risk incidents via peer-to-peer wireless network..
  • Field Replaceable, lockable video/audio data storage devices, solid-state or SATA drives.

Body Worn Video Capture System

Body Cam.png

A revolution in Body Worn technology and an excellent companion to the powerful Fixed Video Computer System. Seamless integration of video, with automatic recording and logging of video captured from vehicle cameras with video captured on the officer's body camera. The Body Worn Video Capture System runs a myriad of Android applications, with cellular communication providing cloud access and streaming video from anywhere. Allows voice and event capture as well. The system has all the functionality of a smartphone with advance video capture capabilities providing the officer with everything he needs while away from his vehicle.

  • Android-based RISC hardware-assisted architecture,
  • 1.2GHz, 2GB DDR3 Event-based h.264 720p Video capture with practically unlimited pre-event buffer
  • Secured, stored video that can't be modified by officer
  • 3 Channels of Synchronized AAC Audio Compression/Capture
  • Standalone operation as well as integration with Main Unit Event Management
  • 4G LTE and 801.11x Live Streaming Capability
  • Selectable Automatic Wireless Upload
  • On-Screen Overlay of GPS, Time/Date, Other Metadata
  • Snapshot Capability
  • Complete elimination of officer-worn wireless body mic
  • Multiple concurrent internal wireless including GPS, 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 3.5” Optically Enhanced LCD with touch interface
  • Up to 1TB mSATA-Based Solid State Storage internally
  • Docking Cradle Interface for USB2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, HDMI,
  • Power Charging via USB2.0, Docking Cradle, or Power Jack